The Cueva del pluche; A company with social commitment

Recently, the newspaper “El Universal”, one of the most prestigious and most widely distributed newspapers in the country, dedicates to “La Cueva del Peluche” a space in its Entrepreneurs / Finance section where a broad reference is made to the origins and trajectory Of our business of manufacturing, designing and selling plush dolls, as well as the work philosophy that has governed our actions throughout this time. You can access this article by clicking here.

The note emphasizes the vicissitudes that we have had to face in the Cueva del Peluche to maintain and grow in the market, especially in relation to the strong competition that has represented us the arrival of an immense quantity of products of Chinese origin at prices truly Low, which is achieved due to the vast majority of them entering illegally, thus avoiding the payment of taxes.

The note also refers in a special way to the quality of manufacture and materials we use and to the innovative of our designs which has allowed us to enter successfully into the market of promotional peluches.